Why Lisbon?

The Capital Filmmakers Festival is proud to be bringing an edition of the festival to the picturesque Portuguese Capital of Lisbon. A bustling city, bursting with culture and full of arthouse cinemas, Lisbon is the perfect setting for a film festival. We are glad to announce the first Capital Filmmakers Festival Lisbon will be taking place February 8th and 9th 2019. So come join us and experience the beauty and culture of Lisbon!

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Some Facts about Lisbon

Capital or not Capital

In fact Lisbon has never been declared or confirmed as the capital in any official document, unlike most other capital cities. It simply became the de facto capital when in 1255 Alfonso III of Portugal moved the court to what had become Portugal’s largest and most important city.

Perhaps to make up for this lack of official status, apart from being the capital of Portugal the city is now also the capital of the District of Lisbon, the capital of the Region of Lisbon and last but not least the capital of the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon.

Oldest city

Lisbon is the oldest city in Western Europe, even predating capitals such as Rome, Paris and London

In Lisbon you can ride the Hippobus, a bus that rolls on land and water

In central Lisbon you will be able to find what is known as the Hippotrip; a bus that gives you both a land tour and a water tour, riding straight into the water. This very innovative addition to the city’s tourism rides is very popular, reviews and its popularity have shown immense satisfaction from those adventurers who give it a try


Lisbon has a great deal of street art, with walls, floors and buildings demanding your attention. The city even has tours dedicated to street art and graffiti – take a tour and there’s a good chance it could lead you to the unexpected
and so much more. Capital Filmmakers Festival – Lisbon is a chance to share your story with the Lisbon community. 

The Venue

Cinema São Jorge

Avenida Da Liberdade, Nº.175 1250-141 Lisboa

Metro Linha Azul | Estação: Avenida

Carris/Bus 709, 711, 732, 736

About Cinema São Jorge

Cinema de São Jorge was built in the 1950s and remains one of the traditional arthouse cinemas in the city. Located on Avenida da Liberdade, this is the place to see movies, documentaries, poetry readings, or film premieres from one of its three rooms with full size screens.


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