The Capital Filmmakers Festival is dedicated to showcasing independent filmmakers from around the world to a global audience. We will visit numerous Capitals around the globe. Starting with Berlin, Madrid, Malta, Vienna and Budapest.

We are looking for Filmmakers and Script Writers from all around the world to come together to support a new concept……a traveling film festival! We will be hosting each edition of our festival screenings in different country capitals, state capitals and cultural capitals, so no two Capital Filmmakers Film Festivals will be the same!  We have built a team of experienced programmers, and are currently building a team of international jurors, who all enjoy good cinema.

It is also important for us to promote and support all of the female filmmakers around the world so each edition of the festival will dedicate a special space for films made by female directors and female crews.

The Capital Filmmakers Film Festival is all about bringing together different cultures, different cities and different point of views.

Cinema has no age, so we accept both new and old films and scripts, regardless of production date. Films made by young minds or made by minds with young bodies, all are welcome!

There will be a special block for films that have a theme based on the city/country where the Festival will be taking place.

We also want to place a focus on promoting new talents, so we will be dedicating a block to new filmmakers and student films/scripts.